Sunday, November 1, 2015

meet the teacher Monday...Birthday Edition!

In honor of my birthday on Wednesday, this week's Meet the Teacher Monday prompt centers around...All Things Birthday! I'll be turning 42! As I grow old gracefully, I tend to keep my birthdays low key. For me, birthdays tend to become a little less magical each year. But, I am grateful for another year to keep hustling. 

So here's the usual MTTM weekly spiel

MEET THE TEACHER MONDAY is a weekly linky celebration, dedicated to making and culminating friendships among our tribe of fellow teachers. 
  • Snag the MTTM graphic. Respond to the this week's questions or prompt.
  • Post your response on your blog. 
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  • Visit one or two bloggers ahead of you in the linky, and leave a comment in response to their Meet the Teacher Monday post.
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  • And because it's so hard to find time to blog, feel free to post any day of the week, not just Monday.
On to the fun!

One of my favorite birthday memories...

My mom planned and executed the celebration flawlessly.

Do I tell the truth about my age? Aboso-frickin-lutely. Pictured below, my Grandmother's 100th birthday celebration,which took place a few weeks ago: My mom (62), Me (41), and my 100 year old grandmother. Ageless beauty. My mother loves when people ask if I am her sister. I just roll my eyes. LOL.!
Remember, return to my blog and link up below! Thanks for participating. And shout out to those that played along last week. 

As always, make the ordinary...Extraordinary!  

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  1. Happy Birthday! I loved seeing your family pictures! Happy Weekend, too!