Sunday, November 22, 2015

meet the teacher monday: Teachers to be Thankful For

It's Sunday, but this girl is NOT suffering from the usual case of the Smondays. Smonday is that moment when Sunday stop feeling like Sunday, and the anxiety of Monday kicks in. And the reason why the Smondays escaped me THIS Sunday...Yours truly is OFFICIALLY on Thanksgiving Break.

I am in much need of some down time. As break approached I participated in 4 ARD's. Special Education teachers feel my pain right about now. For non-SPED teachers, preparing for an ARD consist of conferencing with the parents ahead of time, assessing the student to obtain their present levels of performance, desegregating data, creating new goal and objectives (if applicable). Working on paperwork for each ARD can vary from a few hours to a week or two...or maybe more. Many factors determine the amount of time invested in each ARD.

The last week before break also brought with it, students bursting with holiday excitement in anticipation of a week with NO school. If only they knew, I was probably more excited than they were. And how could I forget to mention  the walk-through that happened whilst these students burst and inappropriately vied for attention. Let's just say many conversation happened with parents last week. 
So, this week's prompt: 3 Teachers to be THANKFUL For!
If this is your first time participating, just follow these simple guidelines.

MEET THE TEACHER MONDAY is a weekly linky celebration, dedicated to making and culminating friendships among our tribe of fellow teachers. Here's the skinny:
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Well, let's get to it!
I am thankful for these three(in no particular order).
Kelli Alaina Wise
I discovered Kelli on the Facebook group, Teacherpreneur Tribe. Kelli recently hosted the Instagram Insiders challenge on Facebook. Thanks to Kelli, my IG account received a face-lift, I changed the way I connect with my audience, and in the process, I made some new connections. For me it's not about the number of followers, it's about growing an "authentic following."

Kristin Kalani
In my opinion, Kristin Kalani from @easyteachingtools ( can also find her on Facebook under the same name) represents what I call the "big dawgs." Although Kristin is a big dawg or educelebrity, she remains humble and willing to lend her expertise when needed. Believe it or not, NOT everyone is willing to "mentor" a budding teacherpreneur. (Read about those type of people here. #shamelessblogpostplug) I digressed. Thanks to Kristin I am more  knowledgeable about creating products for my TPT store, and through her I connected (in real life) with two fantabulous (fantastic+fabulous = fantabulous), down-to-earth, real souls from Cali, Cheryl from @auntiessweetlife and Janice from @islandloverteacher. It's all about the connections...

Samantha Zuniga
Samantha and I work in the same school district, but unfortunately not on the same campus:-( If we worked together we would be dream team of creativity and innovation...a force to be reckoned with. Samantha keeps it real and never comes across as a self-important diva (Can't say the same about myself...I have my moments). Samantha worked as a paraprofessional for many years and recently became a Special Education teacher. If no one has told her, she needs to know she is rocking her new position and I am learning a thing or two from her.

If the mood strikes you, feel free to add more than three. Rounding out my list of "Teachers I am Thankful For," Cheryl, who I mentioned earlier. I love that Cheryl keeps it gangsta sometimes. Hahaha:-D MY favorite quote from her and my new life mantra, "Hugs to the hustlas who get sh*t done!" 

And my friend Janice (also mentioned earlier), this lady keeps me in stitches with her quick wit. Janice recently wrote a post on the Global Glitter Tribe's blog, and the following resonated with me: 
"However, I never suspected that I would meet people from online, all over the world, and pray each night that God keeps them forever safe and healthy, for fear that my heart couldn't endure such heartbreak."
Knowing that she prays for her teacher friends makes me all the more thankful for Janice...

Did you think I would leave out Shelia Jane?!  Thanks to Shelia, I changed my perception in regards to teaching and entrepreneurship. I am taking ownership of my future! 

So, who are you thankful for?

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