Monday, November 9, 2015

3 Things You Should Not Forget Now That You're A Celebriteacher

Before I move on to my second point...first let me preface my post by stating the following:

The need to write this 3 part series, 3 Things You Shouldn't Forget Now That You're a Celebriteacher, stems from a place of frustration, not jealousy. I KNOW, someone read the first installment of this series and thought... this hooker seems #peanutbutterandjealous. You know what "they" say about jealousy,
"People only RAIN on your PARADE when they're jealous of your SUN and tired of their SHADE" 
Trust. No SHADE here. I am the Grand Marshal of my OWN parade. My need to write this series emerged from frustration. Many of us possess scads of talent and creative ideas. But, unless you ARE or roll with the celebriteachers aka the "big dawgs," the valuable knowledge you wish to impart falls on deaf ears. Unfortunately for the novice teacherpreneurs (like myself), the "big dawgs" run the show and the masses tend to flock to these celebriteacher's show.

Let me put it this way. The celebriteachers are the main act and we are the opening act. No, we are the opening act for the opening act. LOL. We are the Meek Mill to their Drake. The Michelle to their Beyonce. HaHa. (Calm down...I am joking). But, you know I am preaching the truth. #realtalk Let me clear one thing up before I move on. I will never be any one's Michelle to their Beyonce. I AM THE Beyonce.#BOOM And to succeed, you need to have a winner's mentality! Be the Beyonce. Be yourself! Be whoever you want to be. 

So, on to my second point.

2. "You Got By With A Little Help From Your Friends" 
You may be successful, BUT...

 I am more than sure someone helped you along the way. Now, you have the opportunity to pay it forward and assist others up the ladder of success by mentoring them and teaching them what you learned on your teacherpreneurial journey.  

On occasion, I put myself out there and ask celebriteachers questions ranging from TPT product advice to classroom tips. Many respond and provide assistance, but a few shunned a question or two.  I understand life gets in the way and time may not permit a social media Q&A session. Instead of ignoring teacher's inquiries, choose a social media platform and take the time to motivate, empower, and/or inspire. If you find many teachers asking the same question, reach the masses on Periscope or with a blog post. Your response may be the catalyst needed to ignite a budding teacherpreneur's journey.

You may be asking, "Who are you to tell a celebriteacher what to do?" Oh, just a teacher who has received a cold-shoulder or two.  Case in point, on Instagram a few months ago, a teacher posted an amazing opportunity experienced by her campus. I along with at least 20 other teachers asked the celebriteacher how she earned the opportunity for this once in a lifetime event she posted.  She never answered. I checked back days later, no answer. Since 20+ teachers asked, I didn't take the comment neglect personally. Instead of being irked and waiting for a response, I investigated the matter myself and obtained the information I needed. 

I said it before and I will say it again, you may be successful, BUT... Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. I sound bitter, but again let me reiterate. This post comes from a place of frustration (sometimes failure), not resentment. I recognize the struggle and realize you have worked hard for your rightfully earned success; however, it bothers me when celebriteachers look down on others and ignore opportunities to mentor or pay it forward, which brings me to my last point...

3. Stay Humble
Read about my next point in the last installment of my three-part series, Three Things You Shouldn't Forget Now that You're a Celebriteacher. 

As always make the ordinary... EXTRAORDINARY!

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