Monday, June 29, 2015

monday made-it

I just discovered 4th Grade Frolic's Monday Made It! As usual, always tardy to the party. 

I abandoned my blog many months ago, and I never shared my Interactive Notebook series I created titled, PICK POCKETS! Feast your eyes on the first installment, PIGGY BANKS: Counting Coins.
Everyday during calendar math activities, we review coin values and solve a few money math problems. And everyday, my students struggle with recalling coin values. So, I decided to employ the use of interactive math notebooks to remind them of coin values and coin equivalents.
Also included in this product, coin equivalents.

Here's a short video clip of the Pick Pockets interactive notebook in action!
You can find this product in my TPT store. I plan to add more activities in the near future. If you have any suggestion for activities I should add, please let me know. 

Click the picture to be directed to my store. Thanks in advance for your support. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

summer stock up

My summer in a nutshell:

Pretty much. I feel no guilt. 

I deemed this summer, the summer of healing. The last month of school brought with it, some unsavory challenges. Challenges almost making me forget, I need my job. Need as in:
  • I need to feed my children as well as myself.
  • I need to keep a roof over our heads.
  • I need to finance my kid's dance endeavors.
So, yeah, assault...probably not the best idea in regards to maintaining employment.  

This past school year marked my 7th year of teaching. Maybe I reached that seven-year itch point in my career...maybe I finally burned out. What I do know for certain, the last two weeks of school extinguished the last remaining spark of my teaching motivation. I need to make some hard and fast decision about my teaching career.

Thanks to my bad attitude, the last thing on my mind...planning for the upcoming school year. However, this SUMMER STOCK UP, gave me the kick in the ass I needed to get my life together. Ha. Ha.
For the SUMMER STOCK UP, I decided to highlight math task cards. Typically, I create a product, print tasks according to each student's needs, and lastly store the tasks for use during small/individual group work. For this work task system, each student receives a card with three task assignments. 
Without further adieu, on to the SUMMER STOCK UP!Allow me to share my "Owl You Need Is Love" math tasks cards. I created these task cards to focus on my student's goals and objectives. 
The abilities of my students vary immensely; so, I differentiated this product in effort to focus on several goals/objectives: double-digit addition (w/o regrouping), double-digit subtraction (w/o borrowing), ten frame, route counting, and telling time to the nearest five minutes.
"I CAN" cards accompany the following tasks: double-digit addition, double-digit subtraction, ten frame, and route counting. 
As part of the SUMMER STOCK UP I plan to share a potion of this product with you. Just click the link below to grab "OWL YOU NEED IS LOVE!"