Saturday, November 28, 2015

3 Things I Learned From A Stripper

For a minute there, I managed to gain some momentum on my edupreneurial journey. Momentum meaning: blogging more, making authentic connections on various social media platforms, and creating quality TPT products. But alas, my momentum started to wane as my professional workload increased, and my time to create decreased. As a result, lacking time to devote to my entrepreneurial endeavors, extinguished my creative spark.

To reignite my spark, I need two key ingredients, a dose of inspiration and a dash of motivation. While in search of these key ingredients, I recalled an inspirational post I wrote 5 years ago on my weight loss blog. Yes, I know. Judging from pictures recently posted, you may be asking yourself, "She had (has) a weigh loss blog?" I do. My blog chronicled my trials and tribulations  as I painstakingly struggled and lost 58 lb. That's neither here not there, and this is a conversation for another day,

So, in attempt to reignite my creative spark, I recalled an inspirational and motivation post I wrote. Although the post pertained to my weight loss journey, it also relates to my edupreneur story.

I enjoy many guilty pleasures. And the guiltiest of them all...I watch Maury, when time allows. Nothing pleases me more than yelling, "You are NOT the father!" from the comfy confines of my couch. Yes, I know. My time could be spent more constructively.

One day while watching Maury, I caught a glimpse of the preview for an upcoming show, EXTREME NERD MAKEOVER. The show planned to feature a stripper exotic dancer with one leg, Amber, wanting to surprise a former crush. Needless to say, I tuned in the next day. Surprisingly, I learned a lesson or two from Amber.

Despite a disability, Amber overcame adversity and fulfilled her dream of becoming an exotic dancer (Don't judge.). You may be wondering, did Amber showcase her skills??? Of course Amber showcased her skills on the show. The Maury show just wouldn't be the Maury show without a stripper and a pole. Grabbing the stripper pole, Amber lithely jumped up, seductively slid down the pole, and rocked it! 

You may be asking yourself, "What lesson can be learned from that?" Well...for starters, Amber never let the fact that she has one leg get in the way of her dreams. So many times, I let obstacles detour me from allowing my edupreneur dreams to become a reality. I often find myself making excuses as to why my personal goals remain unaccomplished. And if there's one thing I know about making excuses, "Excuses don't build empires!"

 So the lesson to be learned here ladies and gentlemen...
Like Amber, we need to overcome our own adversity and jump on the "stripper pole of life" and RIDE! 
Amber focused on the positive. She chose NOT to allow a disability to shape her destiny. And judging from her profession of choice, she's not lacking in the self-esteem and confidence department. Seriously, it takes confidence to strut and display your wiggly bits for the world to see...and to do that with one leg, BRAVO to you Amber. Like Amber we, need to tap into our confidence reserves and strut our stuff...not our wiggly bits. You know, stuff like your edupreneurial skills and teaching expertise. 

So the lesson to be learned here ladies and gentlemen...
Stay positive. Always try and find a positive to every negative situation.  

Amber experienced a setback at the age of eleven months old when doctors amputated her leg due to a birth defect. I basically arrived in this world with all standard factory functions: two legs, two arms, a somewhat semi-normal (but what is normal) functioning brain, two eyes to see with, as well as two ears to hear with. Everything necessary to create and succeed.

As an edupreneur armed and endowed with everything I need to fulfill my dreams, I need to STOP complaining about what I lack and “USE WHAT I GOT TO GET WHAT I WANT!” 

And what I want…
I believe what most entrepreneurial minded individuals want...
                      a clear vision and opportunities to come your way. 

And the lesson to be learned here ladies and gentlemen...
"Use what you got and JUMP on the STRIPPER pole of life and RIDE that biatch until the wheels fall off..." 
*find the meaning of "til the wheels fall off" on urban dictionary dot com.

*Side Note
The prolific quote, “Use what you got to get what you want,” I first heard it in the movie, Players Club…coincidentally, a movie about strippers. If you know me, you know...I subconsciously wish to be a stripper (LOL) #truestory. Should a stripping opportunity arise, my music set list is already prepared. I can envision it now, "Coming to the stage...MochaTrina!" You know like mochaccino coffee? #ineedjesus. 

With the state of the teaching climate today, a career change to exotic dancer sounds like a viable option. #forrealthough


  1. Love this, heck I'm 2 bad work days from turning to stripping.

    1. Haaaa...haaa!! We're in the same boat. Stripping doesn't sound so bad after all. Granted I am a little on the chunky side, but there's a market for everything. I am putting way too much thought into this. It's starting to get real. LOL :-D