Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What Periscope viewers want you to know...

If you read the title and said, "PeriWHAT," you've either just returned from vacation on another planet OR you've been cut off from civilization. For those not familiar, the Periscope phenomenon exploded onto the scene during the TPT Vegas conference and teachers embraced the new technology with open arms. 

So, What is Periscope?
Periscope allows users to live stream from smartphones anywhere at anytime. So, what's the big deal you ask? Basically, Periscope changed the face of professional development. In other words, thanks to educational Periscope broadcasters from across the globe, you can receive professional development in the comfort of your own home, sporting yoga pants and no bra, while sipping a bottle glass of wine and eating peanut butter from the jar. Sounds like a plan! Sign me up!

My Decent Into Periscope Madness
For the past three days Periscope mesmerized me to the point of forming an addiction and needing an intervention. Every time the birdies chirped, I dropped everything and watched.

BUT then...the novelty wore off. I finally hit rock bottom. My scope binge watching took its toll in the form of me neglecting life. Although Periscope holds many beneficial qualities, today I ended the madness. I silenced my Periscope notifications and reminded myself of the old adage, "Everything in moderation." 

Upon reclaiming my life back, I contacted a few colleagues to inquire if they plunged into the Periscope vortex as well. During our discussion of Periscope's pros and cons, we arrived at several of the same conclusions. And those conclusions included reasons why viewers abandon broadcasters, mid-broadcast. 

3 REASONS Viewers ABANDON Broadcasts 

3. Broadcasting Long-Winded Lengthy Scopes
Quality, not quantity. Some subject matter requires discussion at length. However, if you choose to take the verbose route, viewers expect quality content pertaining to the title you provided to lure us in. If the title stated, "Transition Ideas," then one should not expect to be taken on a tour of your laundry room. That may seem like a far-fetched example, but believe me when I say write, it happens. 

Quick Tip: Unsure of when to pull the plug on a broadcast...look for the Peribuddy on the bottom, right-hand side of your smartphone for your viewers count. If your interaction or viewership starts sinking like the Titanic, jump ship. 
Do you remember the "wrap it up" music played at the Oscars when acceptance speeches run too long? Perhaps Periscope should add a "wrap it up" feature. Ha ha :-D For those of you with a sense of humor, I found a web based "wrap it up" app (pictured below). When conversations in real life run a tad too long...CUE MUSIC! Ha ha!
Just keep in mind, Periscope calls for short broadcast, not a live 2 hour show. Some viewers, including myself, have the attention span of a goldfish. 

2. Heart Hustling
A guaranteed way to run viewers off...hustle for hearts.  So, what's the deal with the rainbow heart explosion? Glad you asked. Viewers tap the screen to release hearts as a means of providing feedback and showing broadcasters some love. 
More specifically, the hearts measure popularity. Broadcasters who garner the most hearts land on the illustrious "Most Loved List." As Mark Shaw, Twitter expert would say, "This is social media, not selfish media." In other words, please stop broadcasting "heart hustling" scopes. It's not about you, its about connecting and engaging with viewers. Viewers showed up to glean information, not help you fulfill your dream of making the "Most Loved List." If you think that sounds harsh, you must listen Mark Shaw's take on the subject of social media v. selfish media. Side note: You will meet Mark Shaw further down in this post. 

Quick Tip: Instead of constantly hustling viewers for hearts, engage viewers by asking question or making statements encouraging feedback and interaction. For instance:
  •  "If you agree with what I just said, tap the screen."
  • "Tap the screen if you use (insert product name) in your classroom."
  • "Anytime you hear valuable information you can use, tap the screen."

Just keep in mind, if you provide quality content the hearts will ascend.

The number one reason why viewers abandon a live feed, broadcasters who make viewers WAIT! When you hit the broadcast button...LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Nothing frustrates viewers more than a broadcaster "waiting for the room to fill up." As Mark Shaw would say,
"Don't wait for the room to fill up. That's rude. Work with those viewers that showed up." (Start at 20:00)
Quick tip: Get started. Meet & Greet. Get to the point. For those that join late, provide a recap during your broadcast. 

Just keep in mind, viewers can watch the replay to catch what they missed. 

Game Changer
Have you jumped on the Periscope bandwagon? If so, what are your thoughts. Earlier today I shared my thoughts on Facebook:
"It is addicting and I spend way too much time watching. And with that being said, broadcasters should respect our time by providing quality content. I've left some broadcasts with valuable information to help me take ownership of my future. And I've left some broadcasts feeling slighted because my time was misused. Have I scoped before? No. But I have been a public speaker at various early childhood conferences; so, I know it takes nerve to speak publicly." 
Periscope is a game changer and I cannot wait to see how the world of teaching will be transformed. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

play nice: flash freebie etiquette

A couple of recent events spawned this freebie etiquette blog post. 

Your first question may be, who died and made you the freebie etiquette aficionado? Well, after reading a few surely and inconsiderate comments, I dubbed myself the "Freebie Etiquette Aficionado." 
There seems to be a disconnect in regards to the meaning of the word flash; so, allow me to define flash. 

1. a thing that occurs suddenly and within a brief period of time

The operative word in that sentence...brief.

Allow me to define the word brief.


1. of short duration
synonyms: short, flying, fleeting, hasty, hurried, quick

Further clarification? Watch.

You see what I did there? I know. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. 

Herein lies the problem. If a seller posts a freebie status at 5:00 PM, and the seller states the freebie duration lasts for 15 5:17 PM prepare yourself for disappointment. You missed the opportunity. Such is life, and you must move on. If the opportunity did indeed pass you by, what you mustn't do is post the following:

  • "Awww man I missed it!"
  • "Are you kidding, 15 minutes?!"
  • "It wasn't free!"
Yes, followers post uncouth comments like the examples above. But, never fear sellers, your girl is here to provide assistance on how to handle discourteous comments.

If you run into the following comments, take heed.

"Awww man I missed it!"
"That is not my problem."

Say nothing. Most people generally tend to post this comment. Me...personally, I recommend you ignore it. As the seller, you stated the stipulations. Once the time expires, it is what it is. 

"Are you kidding, 15 minutes!?" 
"No, are YOU kidding ME?! Oh I'm sorry, I forgot the world revolved around you. Let me make this product free again... just for you. GIRL BYE!"

"It's that time of year. Time for Back To School sales. You can find this product in my store at a discounted price."

"It's not free!!"
Like the young folk say, "Obvi. You totes missed it. The post stated 15-minute freebie. Actually, I extended the time 10 additional minutes for a total of 25 minutes. You're welcome. Life's not fair."

"There's a sample of this product available in my store."

"I'm a teacher. I don't make a lot of  money."
"I can't speak for anyone else, but welcome to my world. We are all balling on a budget boo boo. Take a seat and hush."

Say nothing. I would not justify this comment with a response. 

To the sellers:
For the most part, if you run into rude comments, choose to take the high road and resist commenting. 

To the buyers:
If I miss a freebie, I just keep scrolling and stay tuned for the next opportunity. One last word of advice...

PLAY NICE before you ruin it for the rest of us.