Sunday, October 18, 2015

3 Things You Shouldn't Forget Now That You're A Celebriteacher

Time to keep it real. I wrote the following update on my Facebook page today:

"I'm impatient with my teacherpreneurial journey. I am watching many teachers on Blab and Periscope with the same goals as myself and some have reached Celebriteacher status.
Everyone's teacherpreneurial journey is different and today I gained some insight that can be applied to my struggle. 
  1.  I don't have to HOPE everyone likes me. You either do or you don't. And truth be told, Blab and Periscope feel like high school... (Be honest.)
  2. I don't have to HOPE that someone gives me a break. I am not going to brown-nose or d-ride to catch a break.
I'm going to get my HOPES up instead of HOPING on others.

After I posted, I received a few comments about teachers who felt the same way. I wish more teachers kept it "real" and spoke their minds. But most probably do not for fear of alienation or retaliation. Me, on the other hand, I proudly wear my "Scarlet T." 

Three Things You Shouldn't Forget 
Now That You're A Celebriteacher

1. "Started from the bottom now were here"

To quote the immortal words of Drake, "Started from the bottom now we're here..." You should never forget you once started from the bottom. And from the bottom...a struggle ensued as you clawed your way to the top of the mountain to...SUCCESS. 

Despite your hoards of followers gained, awards garnered, or the many nations inspired by your teachepreneurial genius, don't once struggled too.

And the struggle for some of real. For me, the long, arduous road to "success" has been/is paved with few victories & many obstacles. Success eludes me, but I refuse to give up. My failures only serve as motivation to keep hustling. Like my friend, Aunties Sweet Life says, "Hugs to the hustlers who get sh*t done." And everyday, I wake up and ask myself, "What sh*t needs to get done get me closer to completing my goals?" 

Celebriteachers, unless you started from the top, YOU stood in our shoes and experienced the struggle of the "climb" and you know what it takes to get sh*t done. And with that being said,
 "Don't forget where you come from." 
Be honest, how many of us have achieved success in other areas of our life, and "forgot where we came from?" Perfect example. When I lost my 57 lbs., I also lost my mind and forgot that I once struggled to complete tasks as simple as walking up a flight of stairs and buckling my shoe.  After a few reality checks, I reminded myself of my battle to lose the bulge. After reminding myself, I in turn began helping others in need of weight loss inspiration. 

Saying all that to say...
"Don't forget where you come from." 
My weight loss example, me turning my success into an opportunity to help others, is the perfect segway (segue, for the grammar police) to my next point.

2. "You Got By With A Little Help From Your Friends" 
Read more about my next point in part two of my three-part series, Three Things You Shouldn't Forget Now That You're a Celebriteacher.

As always, make the ordinary...EXTRAORDINARY!


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  2. You are so spot on! I don't watch periscope much anymore because your correct in that it seems childish. I always wonder if some of these "celibriteachers" actually speak and act like they do on social media at their school. I can't imagine an administrator tolerating some of the remarks, and to be honest, the way they present themselves as acceptable. I've never worked anywhere where it's ok. I'm actually embarrassed sometime to consider some "colleagues" in this profession of ours. So, for me, they've actually lost credibility, as well as, a follower. PS- I use to be a blogger (in less than a month I had over 100 followers) and some of the BIG name bloggers were just starting out as well, but I decided blogging wasn't for me and stopped. I still enjoy reading blogs and appreciate the time and effort it takes, but I have no one I consider "better" than any one else and if they convey that attitude I just move on.

    1. I consider myself new to this whole teacher social media world. I had no idea it existed. But once I took a look around, I was a bit disappointed in some aspects. One of my main issues is that, there are others with a point of view who have a wealth of knowledge to share. If you're not a big name, no one is really listening. You can't get a word in edgewise on BLAB or Periscope. And I refuse to shuck and jive for viewers or followers. Take me as I am... take it or leave it.

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