Monday, October 26, 2015

Pimp My Pumpkin

Pimp my pumpkin is one of MY favorite fall classroom activities. The students enjoy pumpkin pimping as well. Most, if not all of the students stand around waiting for their turn as they watch their classmates create a whimsical face for the pumpkin. 

I purchased these pumpkin pimping accessories from Walmart a few years ago. This build-a-pumpkin set came with a variety of noses, eyes, ears, and mouths. I have yet to see Walmart offer this pimp-my-pumpkin set again. I wish I would have purchased 2 sets because some of the pieces weren't as durable as others.

After the students design their pumpkin...
The printable the student is using was created by Deanna Jump.  

As always make, the ordinary...EXTRAORDINARY! 

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