Sunday, October 25, 2015

meet the teacher monday: this or that?

So, last week no one linked up. LOL. It's all good. I said it before and I will say it again...

Even if I have to link up with myself, Meet the Teacher Monday is here to stay. This week's topic features some Halloween fun. Real quick, let me lay down the law.

MEET THE TEACHER MONDAY is a weekly linky celebration, dedicated to making and culminating friendships among our tribe of fellow teachers. 
  • Snag the MTTM graphic. Respond to the this week's questions or prompt.
  • Post your response on your blog. 
  • Return to my blog and link your post.
  • Visit one or two bloggers ahead of you in the linky, and leave a comment in response to their Meet the Teacher Monday post.
  • Visit one or two bloggers after you in the linky line-up and leave a comment as well.
  • And because it's so hard to find time to blog, feel free to post any day of the week, not just Monday.
Well, let's get to it! This or That?

I edited the graphic in Power Point. To indicate my responses I used INSERT SHAPES to create the ovals around my choices

  1. Insert Shapes
  2. Choose oval and then create the shape
  3. Select shape options.
  4. Choose no fill & solid line
  5. Customize the outline to your specifications! 

Don't forget to link up BELOW. CLICK the small blue button with the frog.

Thanks for playing along! Happy Halloween!


  1. Trina - I thought I linked up! Maybe I didn't fill out the form correctly? Here's the link to my post:
    I'm the watermelon under "Join this site".

    1. To link up click the small blue rectangle below. It's so small. I'll make a visual so people don't miss it. :-)

    2. That was totally my fault. I should have indicated that bloggers needed to click the blue button below. If you weren't looking for it, you would have missed it. Thanks for playing along.

  2. Hi Trina,
    Please can you post the 'This or That' image without your circles on? I would love to link up but can't edit the circles out of the image so I can put in mine.
    Butterflying Through Teaching