Friday, January 3, 2014

Currently NEWBIE!!

Well this must be the most unsuccessful blog start in the history of blog beginnings. After launching my blog a few weeks ago, I gained a total of 1 follower...ME!! Haa Haa! As a blog veteran, I understand it takes time to build and maintain a following. 

So, let's try this again:
Welcome to the Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom. Sit back, strap on your seat belt and join me on my roller coaster ride of ups and downs as a Special Education Teacher. Although I teach special education, my ideas and activities accommodate grades Pre-K through 1st/2nd. As we adventure together, I plan to share printables, stimulating activities, and hopefully fresh ideas with you. 

The other day while perusing Instagram, I ran across @farleyfarleyfarley 's (from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade) CURRENTLY photo. Well, now that yours truly finally started a blog, I am eligible to participate. 

Thinking: Rather than create New Year's Resolutions only to abandon them a week later, I jumped on the ONE LITTLE WORD bandwagon and chose a word to guide me through 2014. And the ONE LITTLE WORD I chose: FOCUS!

Rather than watch another one of my projects, brainchild creations, brainstorms, ideas, etc, fall by the wayside, I WILL stop focusing on my fear off failure and work to ensure SUCCESS. 

Loving: While on break I started reading Veronica Roth's Divergent series. For a page turning, intriguing read I recommend this thrilling trilogy. I wanted to read the series before the movie release. Nothing thrills me more than watching the pages of a book come alive on the big screen.  Hope you enjoyed my CURRENTLY.

Until next time...make the ordinary extraordinary!

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  1. I love your blog. I also love the divergent trilogy!!! Cant wait for the movie.
    Latoya Reed
    Flying into First

  2. I agree that another week of break is in order! I hope you got that nap you were needing!

    Primarily Speaking