Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher

To watch the videos, click the link that reads Watch on You Tube
Khalil dancing back-up...

My boys...back row.

Viewer Discretion advised...twerking & minor profanity alert. 1st Place win with a perfect score at World of Dance, August 2013. HOMETOWN HEROES!! 


  1. Loved this post!
    Kristen at Easy Teachig Tools

  2. Love this post, nice to meet you, it's Sarah here from dropping by to say hello from SIT Girls, you're in my tribe, looking forward to hanging out over the next week

  3. I was doing some blog stalking, and came across your fabulous slice of the teacher blogging world! It seems we have the same tastes in books. Love me some BDB! I can't wait to read more.
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  4. Oh, my gosh!!!! Love the cakes you shared! Wish I had a mom like yours! And friends like that, too. Lucky girl. The pictures, too! How fun to see your posts! I have four years on you.