Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not Another New Year's Resolution Post...

GUILTY! Yes, this happens to be yet another New Year's Resolution post (insert eye roll here). WAIT! Drop your hand and step away from the mouse! Whether you like it or not, New Year's Resolutions are here to stay. But on a more personal note, between you and me, I am the biggest New Year's Grinch. I avoid resolution setting like the plague. After many years of resolving and never fulfilling my promises,  I decided to ditch to the resolutions and set meaningful, purposeful goals. This year I followed suit with some fellow Instagram teachers and  chose one word to serve as my guiding principal to drive me through 2014. You can read about my one word HERE. The word I chose embodies the actions I WILL take to flourish creatively this year.

I digressed a bit. So let's get to it! Today the students returned. I felt like I went back in time to the first day of school in Marty McFly's DeLorean. We revisited many, many, many, many classroom rules. After we settled into our routine, we convened on the carpet to discuss...YEP, you guessed it, New Year's Resolutions (goals). To introduce the lesson I played the following video.

My favorite idea...LEAVE BIG TIPS. I nearly died when he started "making it rain." See urban dictionary for the definition of " making it rain." After the video the students created a New Year's hat craftivity courtesy of A Cupcake For the Teacher...

After the craftivity some of the students wrote about their New Year's Goal, "To make 2014 AWESOME for others."  
Pictured below: A 2014 New Year's Goals Foldable. We used the ideas provided by Kid President to set our goals. 

I customized the foldables according to my student's goals and objectives.

Until next time, make the ordinary extraordinary...


  1. These are such fun crafts to start out the new year! I'll have to remember them for next year for my kids. Visiting from SITS tribe. Looking forward to a great week.