Monday, February 10, 2014

Meet the Teacher Monday: Love Is In The Air...

Hope you started your week off on the right foot. Before we get started, I wanted to reiterate my #1 rule for MTTM. Even though I call this linky partay MTTM, you can post any day of the week. I know how life gets in the way, so feel free to post anytime. 

So, in honor of Valentine's Day (eye roll), I decided to dedicate this week's MTTM to love and relationships (eye roll). If you've played along before you know the rules. If you're new on the scene here's the rundown: 

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Meet the Teacher Monday: Love Is In The Air 
1. What is your relationship status? Are you satisfied with your current status?
Single. I went on crash diet at the beginning of the year and lost 175 lbs. in one day. Haa Haa. I call it the "Trina G. Kick 'Em To The Curb Diet." At the beginning of the year, I discarded all things that weren't working. I finally came to the realization that I wasted an insurmountable amount of time in a  monotonous relationship going nowhere. 

Am I satisfied with my current status? Not really. Like they say on Jersey Shore, "What're you gonna do, huh?" I thought online dating was a viable option. But after I received several illiterate, unintelligible messages I thought to myself, "There has got to be a better way." Since online dating failed to yield results, I am now leaning towards joining Lakewood Church's Singles program. The program is geared toward encouraging participants to embrace their "singleness." 

2. Would you date or marry someone with kids? Or, did you marry someone with kids?
No. I would not date someone with YOUNG children (ages 15 and under). You're probably thinking, "How can you say no when you have kids yourself?" I can say no because my boys are 16 and 20. It's a wrap. I'm done. I am not interested in starting over. And to be honest, I no longer have the energy to invest in helping someone raise small children. I like my autonomy; I enjoy being able to come and go as I please without having to procure a sitter. 

3.  Do you prefer older or younger men/women?
You know what, young or old...some, not all men, are full of crap. Age is only a number. 

4. If you could choose to date or marry  one character on film or TV, who would you date?
Haa Haa...JAKE RYAN!! From Sixteen Candles. I want to eat birthday cake on top of my table too!

Seriously, I think I would marry Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights. The level of support he gives his wife is an endearing characteristic I hope my future husband possesses. 

5. How do you feel about PDA (Public Display of Affection)? Ugh...GET A ROOM! 

6. What is a your biggest turn-on?
(Note to self...get your mind out of the gutter before you answer this) biggest turn on is humor. I love to laugh until I can't breathe or until tears run down my leg...LOL. 

7. What is your biggest turn off?
Hairiness of Sasquatch proportions and stinky feet

8. Would you date or marry someone shorter than you?
Since I am vertically challenged, no one is shorter than me. 

9. Have you ever tried online dating? Your thoughts? 
Yes, I have begrudgingly delved into the seedy world of online dating. My thoughts...eye roll. There seems to be a discrepancy in regards to what "just a few pounds" means. I am no Sports Illustrated model, but at least I am honest on my profile. If you have a dunlap stomach, meaning if your stomach dun-lapped over your pants, then that is NOT "just a few pounds." 

10. What is your dream date night?
A car picks me up and drops me off at the airport to fly to an undisclosed destination. Upon arrival, I discover that the undisclosed destination is Milan. My date whisks me away to dinner to one of Milan's hottest spots and then we attend a runway show during fashion week. After the show we partake in a shopping spree, spending his money! What? A girl can dream. In reality, my dream date entails a day in the museum district and maybe a picnic lunch (so cliche). In addition to the museum, I love the drive in. My dream drive in date would include stuffing our faces with junk food and fogging up with windows;-)

Your turn!! Have FUN!

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  1. I would love to go to a drive in movie too!! I haven't been to one since I was a kid! I think it would be so much fun!! Your dream date sounds like a lot of fun!! What girl doesn't enjoy spending some one else's money on clothes!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade