Monday, June 29, 2015

monday made-it

I just discovered 4th Grade Frolic's Monday Made It! As usual, always tardy to the party. 

I abandoned my blog many months ago, and I never shared my Interactive Notebook series I created titled, PICK POCKETS! Feast your eyes on the first installment, PIGGY BANKS: Counting Coins.
Everyday during calendar math activities, we review coin values and solve a few money math problems. And everyday, my students struggle with recalling coin values. So, I decided to employ the use of interactive math notebooks to remind them of coin values and coin equivalents.
Also included in this product, coin equivalents.

Here's a short video clip of the Pick Pockets interactive notebook in action!
You can find this product in my TPT store. I plan to add more activities in the near future. If you have any suggestion for activities I should add, please let me know. 

Click the picture to be directed to my store. Thanks in advance for your support. 

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  1. love your flippable!

    and just think, I am later to the party than you!

    Hodges Herald