Monday, December 15, 2014

Meet the Teacher Monday: Tis The Season

It's a good thing I don't treat my own children like I treat my blogs. I abandon my blogs (Yes, I write  other blogs, besides this one.) when the thrill of blogging fades away into the blog abandonment abyss. Many reasons exist for my disappearance(s):
  • Life 
  • Work
  • Et cetera 
  • Et cetera 
  • Et cetera 
Like every other blogger I began with lofty blogging build a tribe of teacher followers and to dazzle them with my charm and quick wit. So far, I managed to dazzle 20 individuals. Ha! Truth be told, I blog for myself in order to maintain my sanity. Blogging serves as my therapy. 

Enough venting, on to 
Meet the Teacher Monday...Tis The Season!

MTTM Instructions:
  1. Respond to the questions/prompts on your blog.
  2. Return to my blog and link up below. 
  3. Peruse the blogs of at least 2 other MTTM participants (if there are any participants...LOL!!)
  4. And most important...HAVE FUN!!
1. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
With so many to choose from, I struggled with this question. Push come to shove, Miracle on 34th Street remains my all-time favorite, with Home Alone and Home Alone: Lost in New York coming in a close second...and third. 

2. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Ugh! Again...I struggled. I decided to break the rules and pick an entire album (Do people still say "album?"). My favorite holiday album/CD, hands down...A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. I listen to that CD from start to finish...year round. 

3. Real Tree or Fake Tree?

4. White Lights or Colored Lights?

5. What did you ask Santa for this Christmas?
A husband and winning lottery tickets. Which reminds me, I need to scratch off the tickets in my purse. Be right back...

I won nothing! So much for winning the lottery and not returning back to work after winter break. Better luck next time!

6. Favorite Holiday Drink & Food
Hot Scotch! Hot Cocoa and Butterscotch Schnapps. And my HOLIDAY favorite food...EVERYTHING! More specifically, my mother's homemade pecan pralines and lemon squares...made with fresh lemons from her lemon tree.
Cookie Assortment baked by my Mom

7. Favorite Holiday Tradition
Starbucks & Lights! Every year my boys and I start our tradition by visiting the local Starbucks for our favorite sugary holiday concoctions. After the first pit stop, we return to our favorite neighborhood to gawk at Christmas lights. This year, I plan to visit a new neighborhood, Prestonwood Forest.

8. How will you celebrate the holidays this year?
We usually keep the holidays low key. More than likely my boys and I will chillax in our pajamas ALL DAY, play board games and watch movies. Or, we may take a road trip to Louisiana to spend the holidays with my grandmother and other family members.

YOUR TURN! Remember to return to link up. Thanks for participating.

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